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Criminal Secrecy

 1.8 million kids in the US have been the victims of sexual assault. 20 million women in the US were raped. Numbers are even more terrifying in other countries. Yet, sexual predators hide in the open. Public Facebook Groups, religious associations and even private meetings are the perfect hiding place . From Harvey Weinstein to Donald Trump, sexual misconduct by celebrities and the powerful are becoming mainstream. Criminal Secrecy will explore this epidemic of the modern world. The film will shed light on both sides and the aftermath it involves. It aims to raise awareness in society so we all can take progressive steps to prevent this epidemic from spreading further.  

The Second Rape

Sex abuse victims have a lot of personal trauma to recover from.  Media and society instead of helping the victim are actually bullying victims into silence.  This documentary exposes how the abuse suffered from society and media feels like a second rape.


The system is broken.  The system is BEYOND broken. It's only an ideal masked to look like it's all there, but once the masks fall, the crater is exposed.  Hosted by human rights activist Giulio Ferrari, this docuseries sets out to expose any and every hole in the legal system that keeps sexual, financial and religious abusers comfortably committing crimes.

The Crew

Andy Costa - Emmy Award Winning Film Maker


Multi award winner, Emmy Documentary Filmmaker Winner, Director of Zig: You Were Born To Win, Andy Costa is the official videographer for Ziglar Business Owner Boot Camp and Phenomenal Products Business Inner Circle.  Andy has been directing and filming a series of small business training for the Past 5 years.  Through this project, he's filmed Michael Gerber (The e-Myth), Joseph Michelli (The Starbucks Experience), Darren Hardy (SUCCESS Magazine), Brian Tracy, John Maxwell, Howard Partridge, Tom Ziglar and many more.
Avid activist for the truth, Andy has an impartial style of documenting life that brings balance and legitimacy to everything he films.

Giulio Ferrari - Human Rights Activist and Storyteller

Documentaries are Giulio's bullhorn; exposing the truth his mission.  He is the founder of the movement #CHEGAdeABUSO, which has helped over 100 victims find psichological and legal help to bring to justice sex offenders, including the pedophile who abused him, 20 years after the fact.  Sex abuse perpetrators have tried to silence him with no avail.  He's been sued, threatened and even an extradition was requested and DENIED on basis of the FIRST AMENDMENT.

His Sunday special aired on Brazil's FANTASTICO, reaching over 30 million people.  Since then, he's been collaborating with networks and news outlets to expose abusers worldwide.
Being in the Autism Spectrum, Giulio is a loud and proud activist for mental health.  He's committed to empowering and educating others through storytelling, specially the underdog.  

James Burgess -Multi-award winning Film Maker

 Multi award winner, James specializes in dramatic narrative, documentary, high-end corporate image.  His ability to produce striking and impressive images has granted him several of the industry's most prestigious awards from such organizations as the International Film and TV Festival of New York, INTERCOM, CINE, Parents Choice, Houston International Film Festival, Telly Awards, Council for the Advancement and Support of Education, Dove Foundation and the National Educational Media Network.  

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